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한국전쟁 당시 사진들
작성자 想像超越
작성일 2012-10-28 (일) 12:04
분 류 한국전쟁
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30.  The wreckage of a bridge and North Korean Communist tank south of Suwon, Korea.

The tank was caught on a bridge and put out of action by the Air Force.

October 7, 1950. Marks. (Army)


공군의 폭격으로 파괴된 다리 위의 탱크 



31.  ROK military police pose before the ruins of a devastated building in Pohang.

Most buildings that housed red troops were destroyed.

October 17, 1950. (Navy)


한국군 헌병이 무너진 건물 앞에서 포즈를 취하고 있다 




32.  Scene of war damage in residential section of Seoul, Korea.

The capitol building can be seen in the background (right).

October 18, 1950. Sfc. Cecil Riley. (Army)


 서울의 주거지의 파괴된 모습. 멀리 중앙청이 보인다. 



33.  Officers and men of the 62nd Engineers stand in front of the first train to

cross the new railroad bridge which they built across the Han River

at Seoul, Korea.October 19, 1950. Sfc. Albert Guyette. (Army)


한강에 새로 건설된 철교에 처음으로

지나가는 기차 앞에서 62공병대 병사들과 사병들 



34.  A 16-inche salvo from the USS Missouri at Chong Jin, Korea,

in effort to cut Northern Korean communications. Chong Jin is only

39 miles from the border of China.

October 21, 1950. (Navy)


북한군의 통신 단절을 위한 청진에서 16인치포 일제사격

청진은 중국에서 39마일 떨어져 있다 



35.  Audience reaction to the Bob Hope show at Seoul, Korea.

October 23, 1950. Capt. Bloomquist. (Army)


밥 호프의 공연을 보며 웃고 있는 병사들.




- 계속 -
아. 6.25!! ; 사진 史料 - 2 - 미 국방부


36.  Navy Sky Raiders from the USS Valley Forge fire 5-inch

wing rockets at North Korean communist field positions.

October 24, 1950. PhoM3c. Burke. (Navy)


북한군을 향해 로켓을 발사하는 미해군 전투기 



37.   The Hon. S.Y. Lee, Vice President of South Korea, leads

cheers at the close of the UN Day ceremony at Seoul.

October 24, 1950. Sgt. Ray Turnbull. (Army)


유엔의 날에 마지막에  한국의 부통령(이시영)이 만세를 선창하고 있다 



38.  Bob Hope, radio and screen star, sits with men of X Corps,

as members of his troupe enterain at Womsan, Korea.

October 26, 1950. Cpl. Alex Klein. (Army)


위문 공연을 온 밥 호프와 함께 포즈를 취한 병사들 



39.   A refugee family from Ching Pung Men near Masan,

now living in a refugee camp at Changseung-po, Korea.

October 1950. United Nations. (USIA)


마산 근처의 ching pung면에서 피난 온 가족.

지금은 장생포에 있다



40.  An aged Korean woman pauses in her search for salvageable

materials among the ruins of Seoul, Korea.

November 1, 1950. Capt. C. W. Huff. (Army)


폐허가된 서울에서 할머니가 쓸만한 물건을 찾고 있다 


41.  Korean women and children search the rubble of Seoul for

anything that can be used or burned as fuel.

November 1, 1950. Capt. F. L. Scheiber. (Army)


아주머니와 아이들이 땔감을 찾고 있다




42.   Miss Mo Yun Sook, famed Korean poetess,

is telling how she escaped the Communist-led North Koreans

when they captured Seoul, by hiding in the mountains until

the U.N. forces liberated the city.

November 8, 1950. Cpl. Robert Dangel. (Army)


한국의 여류시인 모윤숙이 어떻게

북한군 치하의 서울에서 탈출했는지 말하고 있다

유엔군이 올때까지 산에 숨어 지냈다




43.   Navy AD-3 dive bomber pulls out of dive after dropping a 2000 lb.

bomb on Korean side of a bridge crossing

the Yalu River at Sinuiju, into Manchuria.

Note: anti-aircraft gun emplacement on both sides

of the river.November 15, 1950. (Navy)


미해군 폭격기가 신의주 압록강 다리를 폭격하고 있다



44.  Homeless, this brother and sister search empty cans for morsels of food,

and try to keep warm beside a small fire in the Seoul, Korea, railroad yards.

November 17, 1950. Pfc. Fulton. (Army)


아이들이 먹을 것을 찾고 있다.

추위를 피하기 위해 작은불 옆에 있다. 



45.  Fighting with the 2nd Inf. Div. north of the Chongchon River,

Sfc. Major Cleveland, weapons squad leader, points out

communist-led North Korean position to his machine gun crew.

November 20, 1950. Pfc. James Cox. (Army)


청천강에서 북한군 진지를 겨냥하고 있는 병사들 



46.   M/Sgt. George Miller selects human blood for patient at the

8076th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital at Kunr-ri, Korea.


November 27, 1950. Cpl.Fred Rice. (Army)

 환자들을 위해서 조지 밀러가 피를  모으고 있다 



47.  A wounded chaplain reads a memorial service over

the snow-covered bodies of dead Marines. Koto-ri, Korea.

December 3, 1950. Cpl. W. T. Wolfe. (Marine Corps)


부상당한 목사님이 전사한 해병들을 위해 추도식을 거행하고 있다.

48.  These men of the Heavy Mortar Co., 7th Inf. Regt., go native,

cooking rice in their foxhole in the Kagae-dong area, Korea.


December 7, 1950. Pfc. Donald Dunbar. (Army)

밥을 짖고 있는 세 병사 



49.   Wounded soldiers use wheelchairs and crutches

until they learn how to walk with a synthetic limb.

Pfc. Charles Woody, injured near Taegu, walks on crutches.

Walter Reed Mil. Hosp. Washington, DC.

December 8, 1950. T. Sgt. Trehearne,

USAF; PhoM2c. Knudsen, USN. (USIA)

부상 당한 병사들은 의족 의수를 어떻게 쓰는지

익숙해 질 때 까지 휠체어와 목발에 의지했다 



50.  Supplies and equipment are also evacuated from the onslaught of the

Communist Forces bearing down on Hungnam, Korea.

December 11, 1950. Pfc. Emerich M. Christ. (Army)


공산군의 맹공으로 흥남에서 철수하는 보급품과 장비들 



51.  A U.N. LST slips into the harbor at Inchon prior to invasion by U.S. Marines.

December 13, 1950. (Navy)


UN군의 LST가 인천항으로 들어가고 있다. 




52.  Marines of the First Marine Division pay their respects to fallen buddies during

memorial services at the division's cemetery at Hamhung, Korea,

following the break-out from Chosin Reservoir,

December 13, 1950. Cpl. Uthe. (Marine Corps)


전사한 미해병들의 무덤에서 추도 행사가 거행되고 있다 



53.  Marines of the First Marine Division pay their respects to fallen buddies

during memorial services at the division's cemetery at Hamhung, Korea,

following the break-out from Chosin Reservoir,

December 13, 1950. Cpl. Uthe. (Marine Corps)


 전사한 미해병들의 무덤에서 추도 행사가 거행되고 있다. 



54.   President Harry S. Truman is shown at his desk at the White House

signing a proclamation declaring a national emergency.

December 16, 1950. Acme. (USIA)


투루먼 대통령이 국가 비상사태 선언문에 서명하고  있다 



55.  North Korean refugees use anything that will float to evacuate Hungnam.

Here they jam the decks of a South Korean LST and many fishing boats.

December 19, 1950. (Navy)


북한의 피난민들이 흥남을 떠나고 있다.



56.  Korean natives prepare to board an LST during the evacuation of Hungnam,

while other refugees unload some of their meager belongings

from an ox-cart and load them on a fishing boat.

December 19, 1950. (Navy)


 피난민들이 LST에 승선을 준비하고 있다

다른 피난민들은 우마차에서 짐을 내려 어선에 옮기고 있다. 



57.  The USS Missouri fires 16-inch shell into enemy lines at Hungnam.

A 16-inch 3-gun salvo is on its way to commies.

December 26, 1950. (Navy)


흥남으로 함폭 사격 중인 미해군 




58.   U.S. Marines move forward after effective close-air support flushes

out the enemy from their hillside entrenchments.

Billows of smoke rise skyward from the target area. Hagaru-ri.

December 26, 1950. Cpl. McDonald. (Marine Corps)


전투기의 근접 지원 후 전진 중인 미해병 



59.   Astonished Marines of the 5th and 7th Regiments,

who hurled back a surprise onslaught by three Chinese communist divisions,

hear that they are to withdraw! Ca.

December 1950. Sgt. Frank C. Kerr. (Marine Corps)


중공군의 맹공에 후퇴하는 미군 



60.    Jacob A. Malik, Soviet representative on the U.N. Security Council,

raises his hand to cast the only dissenting vote to the resolution calling

on the Chinese Communists to withdraw troops from Korea. Lake Success, NY.

December 1950. INP. (USIA)


유엔안전보장이사회에서 한국에서

중공군의 철수 결의안에 반대표를 던지는 소련 대표 



61.  North Korean prisoners, taken by the Marines in a foothills fight,

march single file across a rice paddy.

1950 (Marine Corps)


논을 따라 이동중인 북한군 포로들



62.   U.S. Marines guarding three captured North Koreans, ca.

1950. Sgt. W. M. Compton. (Marine Corps)


 미해병이 지키고 있는 북한군 포로 



63.   Crossing the 38th parallel. United Nations forces withdraw from

Pyongyang,the North Korean capital. They recrossed

the 38th parallel.1950. (USIA)


평양으로부터 철수하여 38선을 건너는 유엔군 



64.  Leatherneck machine gun crew dug in for the night in Korea. Ca.

1950. (Marine Corps)


참호에 있는 미해병 



65.   Marine Corps tanks - ready for the front lines - are

swung aboard a barge at the Naval Supply Center by crane,

for transhipment to our forces in the Pacific Far Eastern Command.

Oakland, CA,1950. Acme. (USIA)


극동태평양사령부로부터 보급된 탱크가 항구로 내려지고 있다 



66.   During South Korean evacuation of Suwon Airfield, a 37-mm anti-tank

gun is hauled out of the area for repairs, by a weapons carrier.

1950. INP. (USIA)


수원비행장의 한국인들이 철수하는 동안

대전차포가 수리를 위해 트럭에 의해 이동되고 있다 



67.  San Diego, Calif. A young officer and his wife sitting in their car at the

dock and staring quietly at the waiting aircraft carrier before he leaves

 for Korea.1950. Black Star. (USIA)


한 장교의 그의 아내가 자동차에 조용히 앉아서

장교가 한국으로 타고 갈 비행기를 기다리고 있다 



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